finally feeling better

thumbs upI haven’t written here for a while.  It’s nice not to write on this blog.  It means that nothing bad is happening.  No news is good news.

But now I want to tell you that I’m finally starting to feel better.  I had gröt, porridge, for the first time yesterday and it went OK  The step up from soup to porridge might not seem like very much to you, but for me it’s huge!.  I had porridge today too and it almost tasted like something.  Last night I sat at the table with my kids for dinner.  For these past months I’ve been upstairs in my room trying to force down some soup and the kids have eaten in front of the TV.  It was wonderful for the family to be back together at dinner time again.

Today it’s two months since the radiation ended.  It will take another month before I feel normal, but I’m definitely on the road to recovery.



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