POLS 102, International relations

  • Introduction to the course.
  • Requirements.
  • Readings and presentations.
  • Use of the webpage.

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This course introduces you to the academic study of international politics.  We will discuss a number of basic topics: international institutions, diplomacy, international law, international political economy, and matters of peace and war.  We will also discuss international relations theory: the general frameworks that we use for understanding the logic of international relations. Realism, is one example, but we will also discuss Liberalism and the so called “English School.” In addition, we will discuss current events that have taken place during the past week.

The class meets on Wednesdays, 13.30-16.20 in room YBF Z-49. However, there will also be a Zoom option for students who want to follow online.

It is crucial that you join the Telegram group. This is where updates and any changes will be posted.