History of International Relations Textbook

The author

Erik Ringmar is professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul, Turkey. He has a PhD in political science from Yale University and taught for 12 years in the Government Department at the London School of Economics, and for seven years as a professor of international politics at Shanghai Jiaotong University, in Shanghai, China.  Erik has written five books and some 50 academic articles exploring the history of international relations both from European and non-European perspectives. His CV is here. His next book will deal with dance and international politics.

Really Obama, it's better for you to shut up. You had your eight years and you did nothing. You are smart and likeable, but a part of the problem, not a part of the solution. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/03/us/politics/obama-speech-town-hall.html?smid=tw-share

It's going to be hard to swallow the lie that the people in our military are overseas fighting for our "freedom" when we get a taste of what it means to be "liberated" by the United States military ourselves.

Good idea: why not deploy UN peace keeping forces to American inner cities? A lot of Nigerian or Ghanaian troops, for example, have a lot of relevant experience.

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